Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lady's limping

I don't know why, but Lady has been limping badly the last few days. I noticed it two days ago at the dog park.

Yesterday, she refused to get into the van — too high — so I walked her around the neighborhood. Today, she wanted to go with me to the post office, so we went in my Toyota RAV 4 — it's slightly closer to the ground.

We went to the dog park again, and she even tried to run a bit. But when we got home, she struggled to get out of the RAV.

Tonight, I gave her a doggie aspirin, and she slept a bit while I was watching the Robert Downey Jr. version of "Sherlock Holmes." I heard her drinking water a few minutes ago, but she'll sleep again.

Friday, June 28: I took Lady for a short walk this morning before the heat of the day, and we tried to stay in the shade.

Lady ate lunch a little bit ago. I gave her another doggie aspirin this afternoon, and she's taking a nap. She's putting a little weight on her sore leg, which is good.

Saturday, June 29: It's too hot to take a walk, but I let Lady out in the backyard. She got down the basement stairs easily enough; it was tougher coming back, but she made it.

Her limp is slowly getting better. We may take a walk when it cools off a bit.

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