Friday, March 18, 2016

Getting away from kids

It's obvious that Lady is nervous around children. When we were taking a walk in the neighborhood a few minutes ago, a boy biked up and asked if he could pet her.

I thought it over a moment and told him that Lady is skittish around children. Then I told him that she's older than he is. How old, he asked? Fifteen (plus), I said. Then he biked away.

Lady's always struggled a bit with children. It's obvious to her that they are the "puppies" of humankind, so she's careful. But when kids try to pet her at the dog park, she walks (or runs) away.

One day, this kid at the dog park was trying to pet her, and she walked off. He ran after her, and she sped up. Every time he tried, she'd look back at him and go faster. Finally, he gave up. Thankfully.

She has occasionally let kids pet her, but she was trapped into it. It's obvious she's uncomfortable around them.

So she'll never be a therapy dog. 

Note: Lady passed on Sept. 17, 2016.

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