Monday, January 10, 2011

The Dog Diary (second half 2015)

May 30, 2015: Too hot; stayed home.

May 28, 2015: It was warm and balmy when we went to the dog park this afternoon, but I noticed a big bunch of shade under the big tree at the far end of the park. So we went there.

An older couple came in with a young dog that the woman said was named "Bailey with a g," which I assume means Baileyg (a Scottish name). It was a sweet dog that tried to get Lady to play (no luck there).

After they left, a young couple with two kids and three dogs came in. One of the dogs was a 100-pound Great Pyranees named Annabelle. Not sure about the small (black and white) dogs.

We soon left, too; had to get home to the AC.

May 27, 2015: Lady and I went to the dog park just before 9 today, and we were the only ones on the little-dog side. We saw some of the usuals, including Chloe, Molly and Willow, on the big-dog side.

It was pretty quiet for Lady and me on the small-dog side. 
We left about 10:10 to do some errands.

May 25, 2015: The small-dog side was full of people and dogs when we got there around 10. Jim and Willow weren't there, but Chloe, Scooby (maybe a dachshund) and Daisy (schnauzer) were. So was a new dog, a French bulldog named Sir Francis (I called him Frankie Baby).

Sir gave Daisy all she could handle, playing-wise.

Lady was patient; she just went around and got petted, and none of the dogs tried to get her to play.

I also noticed a big, black skinny dog — great dane, maybe — on the big-dog side.

May 24, 2015: Lady and I went to the dog park a little after 9 this morning, and we were alone for a while (it was Sunday morning). A couple and their dog came a little before 9:30, and another couple and dog came a few minutes later. It was obvious they all knew each other.

Then they left.

A Sheriff's deputy in a K-9 Unit came a little later, and he took his dog (shepherd of some type) into the big-dog side for a few minutes of throwing and running. After that, several people came in, but I didn't know any one of them.

When someone came in with a really young girl, we left. I don't like to be around really young children at the dog park.

May 19-23, 2015: We went to the dog park every day, but I haven't been writing about it. One day, I showed up with everyone on the little-dog side. They told me that a woman had two dogs that pooped all over the big-dog side, and she wouldn't pick it up. So they went elsewhere.

Willow, who is in heat, tried to dominate Lady for a while, but she finally gave up. Then two small dogs aggravated Willow for a while.

One day last week, we went to the dog park because it wasn't raining. A few minutes after we got there, it began to drizzle. As it got heavier, we went to the car. Soon, it was pouring; so we went home.

May 18, 2015: Lady and I got to the dog park a little before 9 this morning. The usual suspects, such as Jim and Willow, soon started coming in. We saw Chloe and Daisy among the usuals, and a woman came in with a poodle puppy named Bunny.

Bunny tried hard to get Lady to play, and I was afraid Lady might nip her; thankfully, she didn't (although she did woof at her). Bunny spent the rest of her time licking my hand and jumping up on my leg. Sweet dog...

May 16-17, 2015: We didn't go to the dog park Saturday (May 16) because of the heat and the crowd. We had the same problem today (May 17), so we went across the street to Horizons Park. We stayed pretty much in the shade, and Lady had a great time. We ran into Daisy and her owner, John, who says that Daisy's paw is fine now.

We also encountered a big hound dog, but its owner kept it away from Lady.

May 15, 2015: Lady's at the groomer today. Maybe we'll go to the dog park when she gets out.

We DID got to the dog park after her I got her at the groomer's place. We saw a man I know (John) who usually brings his dog Daisy in the morning. Daisy got hurt in an altercation with a Sheba Inu/Akita mix, although I think most of it was fright and noise. Daisy had a hurt paw, but she'll be OK.

I petted a sweet four-month-old white puppy named Cody and a squat dog named Chase (who looks like a cross between a black lab and a basset hound). Also, Wanda came in with her Spyder.

May 11-14, 2015: We've been going to the dog park each day. Today (Thursday), we saw Ron, who works for the local recreation department.

May 10, 2015: Today (Sunday), we went to the dog park around 7:30 a.m., and the only ones who came along were a woman and her dachshund named Stanley. Stanley didn't bother Lady much, and he only barked at me a few times.

May 8-9, 2015: We only walked around the neighborhood the last two days, but Lady seemed to enjoy herself anyway.

May 7, 2015: They were mowing the dog park when we got there around 8:30, so we took a walk outside the fence. We were gone before the usual people and dogs got there.

May 4, 2015: The big-dog side was pretty full when we got there this morning. And Willow, Chloe and Daisy were among the usual suspects I saw.

We were alone on the little-dog side, and then several groups of people and dogs showed up almost at once. Lady was as big as about five of them put together. I didn't recognize any of the dogs or owners, and they ignored me.

None of them really bothered her, but one little dog barked and made her jump.

May 3, 2015: We stayed at the dog park from 8:30 until about 9:45 today. Lady spent a lot of time lying there, so we came home.

We were alone on the small-dog side, but several people took several small dogs to the big-dog side. It was obvious that two couples knew each other.

April 27-May 2, 2015: We've been to the dog park lately, but I haven't always written about it. On Saturday, May 2, we got there early, 7:30, and the other others there were Bill and his German shepherd Stahl. They stayed outside the fence; after a few minutes talking, Bill took Stahl for a walk.

April 26, 2015: The grass and benches were wet at the dog park this morning. There was a car in the parking lot when we got there, but the woman and her dogs were over across the street at Horizons Park. They came back to her car, and she waved before they left.

Otherwise, Lady and I were alone. And because we were alone, we went to the big-dog side.

April 25, 2015: A man and a woman showed up with a dog (rottweiler mix?), and the dog tried to get Lady to play. She did run around a bit (her favorite way to play in her old age), but otherwise she stayed away from him.

She did suck up to the couple to get petted, and I wondered if they had treats in their pockets. I was almost jealous.

April 24, 2015: It was cold and wet this morning at the dog park, and we were alone.

April 23, 2015: Ron, who works for the recreation department, was cleaning up in the dog park, and he and I talked a bit. Otherwise, all of the other people and dogs were on the big-dog side.

We hadn't been to the dog park for a few days because of my back pain.

April 18, 2015: We HAVE gone to the dog park in the last week, just not in the past couple days. Back pains and rain are two of the culprits. Lady's fine.

We went one day this week when it was drizzling the whole time. I spent most of the time in the car, and Lady seemed just fine.

April 12, 2015: It was after 7:30 p.m. when we got to the dog park today. There were several people and dogs on the big-dog side, but I didn't know any of them.

The most interesting dog there was a sweet pit bull/mastiff mix. His owner kept him on his leash, and the dog dragged him all over the place. Finally, the owner let him run with the other dogs.

Lady just spent her time looking, sniffing and relaxing, and we left (around 8:30) before the other folks did.

April 9, 2015: We saw a few people at the dog park today, including Bill and Stahl. It was cool, and not a lot of folks came out.

Lady and I left before Bill and Stahl did.

April 7, 2015: It was raining today, so we couldn't go to the dog park. Lady rode with me to the trash dump to get rid of recyclables, and then we went over to the shopping center that features Lowes Foods. We walked down the row under the overhang, and Lady tried to go in every door; not surprisingly, she was especially enamored with Subway.

As usual, she received a lot of compliments.

April 6, 2015: We went to the dog park late in the afternoon and saw Don with his dogs Mac (he's cut really short) and Mary and Joe with his dog Charlie. I talked to Don and Joe, and Lady watched all of the other dogs through the fence.

We also went down to a grocery store. After shopping, I walked Lady a bit so she could relieve herself. Naturally, several people wanted to pet her.

April 1-5, 2015: We've been to the dog park once or twice in the last five days, but nothing stands out worth writing about.

March 31, 2015: We got out too late to go to the dog park yesterday, so we went to Covington Park instead. There were lots of people, and Lady had a great time looking, sniffing and marking territory.

She still does a powerful pee dance when she wants to.

March 29, 2015: It was warm with a lot of people and dogs when we went to the dog park today. I didn't recognize anyone, but Lady seemed to have a good time with new faces.

March 28, 2015: We went to the dog park late, and Henry showed up with Shelly. It was cold, and both of us put our hoods up. Henry decided it was cold and left before we did.

It was cold and windy earlier this afternoon when Lady and I took a walk. It was a quiet walk, but I did talk to my friend Dave, who was about to mow his yard.

March 27, 2015: Lady and I didn't go to the dog park today because of the rain, so we walked in Covington Park. We were alone, but Lady had a great time marking territory.

March 26, 2015: I was jealous today when Lady kept licking this guy on the chin (he was squatting down to her height). That's supposed to be me.

March 24, 2015: Lady and I ran into Bill and Stahl again today. Stahl (German for steel) is a sweet, long-haired German shepherd.

March 22, 2015: Holly, Lady and I went to Dairi-O for a late lunch today, and then we went to the dog park. There were several dogs on the big-dog side, including Kobe and his owner.

We were alone on the little-dog side until a man brought two little dogs I recognized. They again aggravated Lady, but their owner worked hard to keep them away from her. No harm done.

We were there about an hour.

March 20, 2015: The park was empty and cold when we got there this morning.

We were there maybe a half hour when Steve showed up with his sweet mutt Murfie. Murfie, a brindled dog with floppy ears, ran and played the whole time they were there. She pretty much ignored Lady, who, as usual, looked around and sniffed.

March 16-17, 2015: We went to the dog park on Monday and Tuesday, but I don't remember anything about it. Sorry.

March 13, 2015: Happy Friday the 13th, everyone.

The dog park was nearly empty when we went earlier today, but a man soon brought Stanley, a sweet and playful dog, and a man I recognized brought Cain, probably a pit mix.

Lady and I were on the small-dog side, but she communicated with them through the fence. And Stanley came over to say hi to me.

It began to drizzle, so we stayed only about 45 minutes.

March 12, 2015: Everyone was in the small-dog side of the dog park when we got there this morning, so we went into the big-dog side. We were alone, but there was lots of loose poop to pick up.

I recognized Willow's owner, Jim, plus a couple of other folks I usually see in the morning (I can't remember their names or their dogs' names). They were gone 45 minutes later, and we soon left after that.

March 10, 2015: We spent three hours at the dog park today, most of it with a man I know, Bill, and his German shepherd Stahl (German for steel). Stahl aggravated Lady a bit, but Bill kept him in control. She's old and struggles with the young bucks.

We also saw Mac and Mary, but Don wasn't with them; Mrs. Don was there. They were on the big-dog side, and we had little contact with them.

I think they turned the water on today; they turn it off each winter so the pipes won't freeze.

March 9, 2015: We recognized Willow, Chloe and several other dogs at the dog park this morning.

The highlight came when a woman brought her 12-year-old boxer mix into the small-dog side. She was afraid that her dog, named Boxer, wouldn't get along with the other dogs, since he hadn't been socialized.

She wanted to know how Lady got on with other dogs, and I told her that Lady is sweet and won't hurt anyone. She brought Boxer into the park on a leash, and then finally let him off it.

Lady and Boxer got along fine.

I told the woman that she needs to take Boxer into the park with lots of dogs, and she said that other people had told her the same thing. She may have followed my advice, although I noticed that most of the dog owners were leaving at that point.

The only negative was that it was drizzling a bit today.

March 5, 2015: It's cold and rainy; no dog park.

March 4, 2015: It was warm but windy when we went to the dog park this afternoon. We saw Stahl and his owner, and we also ran across Pinot, Maya, another airedale and their humans. I recognized Pinot first.

Something weird happened to me. I was sitting on a bench talking to Pinot's owner when a branch flew off a tree outside the fence and hit my neck and the back of my head. It didn't really hurt me, but it scared me to death.

Earlier today, it was wet, cold and foggy when we walked around the neighborhood at 7:30 a.m. Twice, Lady saw a cat I didn't see, and she tried to run after it. Fortunately, I had my arm crooked, and she couldn't go anywhere. Other than that, it was a quiet walk.

March 2, 2015: Lady and I tried to go to the dog park, but a woman had at least a couple of large dogs in the small-dog side. It was muddy on the other side, so we went across the street to Horizons Park. Lady had plenty of smells to catch her attention.

Later, we went to Aldi, and I walked her around to the little "islands." She relieved herself, and I put her back in the car. I shopped, and we went home.

March 1, 2015: It rained this morning, and I doubt we'll go anywhere today.

Feb. 28, 2015: We did go to the dog park today. The small-dog side was about half snow and ice, half brown grass. I spent most of the time avoiding falling down; I spent all of the time cold.

Feb. 27, 2015: Snow has covered the ground since early yesterday, and we haven't gone to the dog park the last two days.

We did, however, go to the Petsmart parking lot today. Lady happily peed (and occasionally pooped) in the little grassy islands around the parking lot, and she sniffed in the parking lot and in Petsmart itself.

Several people oohed and aahed over Lady. The highlight came when she tried to say hi to another dog near the checkout counter. She pulled mightily but couldn't get traction on the slick tile. The dog seemed happy to see her, but, oddly, the dog's owner looked like he'd rather be somewhere else.

Maybe we can go to the dog park tomorrow (Saturday).

Feb. 26, 2015: It was snowing last night, and I don't see much chance of going anywhere today.

Feb. 25, 2015: We went to the dog park today (Wednesday), and there were large patches of snow and dying grass. Lady, who is white and brown, often was hard to find, since the grass is brown.

We saw two dogs and three people today. I didn't know the woman or her dog, but I recognized Turbo and his two humans. We were leaving when Turbo and Co. showed up. The woman and her dog were long gone by then.

Feb. 24, 2015: I think the snow will keep us home today. I think we haven't gone to the dog park since Feb. 19, and I don't remember anything from that trip.

Feb. 23, 2015: Lady had an appointment with the groomer, and we didn't go to the dog park. 

Feb. 22, 2015: We haven't been going to the dog park lately because of the weather. It was warmer today (around 50), and most of the snow was gone.

It was a little muddy but otherwise fine when we went to the dog park today.

We were alone for a time, and then people started bringing their small dogs. One woman asked if Lady would hurt another dog; I told her that Lady is the sweetest dog in the world. Then more people and dogs came in.

Lady got petted, and she even herded the other dogs (all much smaller than she is). She ran a bit, and I had to work to get her to come to me so we could go home. She'd still be there if she'd had her way.

I also wrote about our trip to the dog park here. It's called Without my cane.

Feb. 18, 2015: There's still a lot of snow on the ground (and some on pavement), so we couldn't go to the dog park today, either. I did hook Lady up outside, though. She seemed to enjoy getting wet.

Feb. 16-17, 2015: We haven't been to the dog park yesterday or today because of the snow. May not go tomorrow, either.

Feb. 15, 2015: It was bitter cold at the dog park today, and there was only one person there when we got there. He and his dog Loki didn't stay a long time, though. Couldn't stand the cold.

I had to spend some time in the car with the motor running and the heat on, so we didn't stay a long time.

Feb. 14, 2015: We set our personal record by spending nearly three hours at the dog park today. I talked to a man I knew, and he had his German shepherd Stahl (it means steel in German) with him. Stahl looked comfortable, but the man got cold and went home.

Feb. 13, 2015: Lady and I weren't able to go to the dog park yesterday, and we haven't gone yet today. Lady's been spending time in the back yard, enjoying the sunlight and cold air.

Happy Friday the 13th...

Feb. 11, 2015: Lady and I saw some of the usual suspects (Jim and Willow, a man I recognize and his dogs Daisy and Nike) among the dogs at the dog park today. We were in the big-dog side, but, fortunately, none of the dogs bothered Lady.

Feb. 10, 2015: Lady and I again took Holly to work, then went to the dog park. We saw Jim and Willow, two usual suspects in the morning, plus another man and his dog. After they left, he was alone.

It was wet this morning on roads and driveways, and there was some mud in the dog park. Fortunately, I took along a towel to sit on the wet bench. Once, I nearly fell while trying to pick something up.

I did notice some big birds above the small-dog side. At first, I was afraid they were birds of prey. Then I heard some caws. If those birds were the cawers, they were really big crows (ravens?).

We're home, and Lady's downstairs, keeping cool.

Feb. 9, 2015: Lady and I took my wife Holly to work today, then went to the dog park. There were dogs on the big-dog side, but we were alone on the small-dog side.

It wasn't raining when we went to the dog park, but it sure rained later.

Feb. 8, 2015: Lady and I went to the small-dog side today, and we were alone. Still, there were a few folks (and dogs) on the big-dog side.

There's a man who walks around in the inside of the big-dog side with his black-with-white-trim following him around. (I offered him some water for his dog, but he turned it down.)

And I recognized a woman who had three dogs (one named Benny). She was throwing an odd-shaped rubber thing for one of her dogs, a smooth dog that looks like a Jack Russell/pit bull mix. Sweet dog, though.

The walking man and his dog were alone when we left.

Feb. 7, 2015: Today (Saturday) we saw Barry Baker at the dog park. He and his wife were about to leave, but we talked a few minutes. He may have been the only person I recognized today.

We stayed a little over an hour on the big-dog side, then went home.

Feb. 6, 2015: Today at the dog park, I saw a man I knew, and we talked a bit. He was throwing a frisbee to his dog, who was having a great time. Lady and I were alone on the little-dog side — safer for her over there — but she seemed to have a good time, too.

Chloe, the lovely black and white dog, was there again. So was Willow.

We couldn't stay too long, though; I was cold, and I had errands to run.

Feb. 5, 2015: I remember seeing a man I know; he had a large and sweet Rhodesian ridgeback with him. I also saw Mrs. Flowers and Tilly. I recognized Tilly first, then saw Mrs. Flowers, who had been keep warm in her car. Before I saw her, I told the man that the little dog near the gate reminded me of Tilly. She did and was.

A white dog was running all over the place, and twice it nearly ran me down . In its enthusiasm, it wasn't paying attention to where it was going.

Feb. 3, 2015: It was almost warm at the dog park today (at least compared to yesterday), and it wasn't windy.

There were maybe five dogs there when we arrived just after noon. I recognized a man and his dog Chloe (who looks like a black cocker spaniel with a white, sheepdog face). Chloe came over to say hi, but Lady and I were mostly ignored.

The most memorable part of it for me was watering Lady. I ran some water out of a bottle into my hand so Lady could drink out of my palm and it was cold. For some reason, I love to feed or water Lady by hand.

Feb. 2, 2015: The wind blew the ran off the dog park, and we went around 4:30. It was cold and windy. It didn't bother Lady, but it sure bothered me. I had to go back to the car to get a jacket to put over the shirt and two sweatshirts.

Two young women showed up with two dogs, but they didn't bother Lady much. They left, and two more young women showed up with two more dogs. One of them tried mightily to get Lady to play, but one of the young women got him away from her and got him to play elsewhere.

I didn't recognize either of the young women or the dogs.

We stayed about an hour — WAY too long for me — and went home.

Feb. 1, 2015: On Super Bowl Sunday, we went to the dog park in the morning. I ran across a guy I met before, with his dog Dallas. The park got pretty busy, and we didn't stay more than an hour and a half.

Jan. 31, 2015: We didn't go anywhere today; I didn't feel well.

Jan. 30, 2015: I saw a man I knew today at the dog park, and he had his dogs Optimus and Belle with him. They sniffed around Lady a bit, then wrestled awhile. The man took his dogs over to the big-dog side, then returned to the little-dog side when he worried about a dog or two. Then he returned to the big-dog side, and his duo did fine with a large, active dog (maybe a great dane).

Lady did just fine, whether she was alone or had company.

There were other dogs, but those were the ones I recognized.

Jan. 28, 2015: There were a bunch of dogs at the dog park this morning, including Willow and a few of the other usual suspects.

Also, two women came into the little-dog side for the first time (they even had trouble getting through the gate). Their dogs were Sebastian (an Australian shepherd mix), Piper and Jasper, all smaller than Lady. Two of them were quite friendly; the other one was just excited.

It was so cold that I had to get into the car, crank it up and turn on the heat. Lady sat in the grass, wondering what I was doing. When I warmed up, I went back into the park, and the two ladies showed up with their trio of dogs.

We stayed out two hours.

Jan. 27, 2015: Ron, who works at the county recreation department, had his dog at the dog park today. We talked a minute and he had to go.

I don't think there were any other dogs in the little-dog side, but Lady was able to commiserate with lots of dogs through the fence.

A lady on the big-dog side watched Lady while I used the facilities. She had a young child and two dogs with her.

Jan. 24, 2015: There were two pairs of little dogs on the little-dog side today, joining Lady. One of them was the sweetest little black dog you've ever seen.

There was a bigger black dog, Xena, on the big-dog side, that was barking along with one of the little dogs. Their owners had a job shutting them up.

As usual, Lady was quiet.

Jan. 22, 2015: When we got to the dog park this morning, there were four crows in the grass on the small-dog side. As soon as Lady and I entered the gate, they flew away.

We saw several dogs we recognized, including Willow. Ron, who works for the recreation department, drove a cart into the dog park to do some work. He scared Jim (Willow's owner and a regular in the morning) when he opened the gate to the big-dog side; he was afraid Willow would get out. She was standing right beside the open gate, but she didn't even move.

When we were about to leave, Lady looked at me, grinned and started running around in circles. She did it for about 30 seconds, then panted a bit while we walked to the car.

Jan. 21, 2015: We went to the dog park in mid-day. There were a bunch of dogs there, but the only ones I recognized were Turbo, Willow and Tilly.

Jan. 19, 2015: Much of the usual crowd was at the dog park this morning, including Jim and Willow. I also recognized the woman who has two whippets (including Archie; I can't remember the other one's name; maybe Maya). We stayed a good while, and Lady was the only big dog on the little-dog side.

We probably stayed an hour and a half. It wasn't too cold, and it was sunny. It did, however, get busy with a lot of dogs and kids.

The only negative was that Lady fell while getting our car. She had to drag herself onto the back seat, but she made it. I don't think she was hurt.

Jan. 18, 2015: I recognized one man, Darrell (not sure of spelling), today at the dog park. I talked to him as his dog Rosie ran around on the big-dog side and my dog Lady sniffed and looked on the little-dog side.

We were there exactly two hours, a long time for us.

Jan. 16, 2015: It was tough on Lady today at the dog park. Two little dogs tormented her, with one of them constantly trying to mount her. I wasn't angry, but I had to get her away.

I took Lady to the big-dog side, and the stereophonic huskies, Shasta and Nakia, immediately showed up with their owner. As usual, I could hear them howling as they came up the road. The huskies ignored Lady and ran and ran and ran. As usual, they were pretty quiet in the park.

When we left, the man and his huskies were still there in the big-dog side. The woman with the little dogs had left earlier from the little-dog side.

Jan. 15, 2015: It was cold (with ice in puddles) and clear this morning when we walked around the neighborhood. My wife Holly went to work as Lady and I were coming back; Lady acted like she wanted to get in the car and go, too.

We went to the dog park late this afternoon and saw a few people and dogs we didn't know. Then I heard the stereophonic huskies, Shasta and Nakia, as they came up the road and into the park. Shasta came flying past where I was sitting, and Nakia, who has had leg surgery, came by at a more sedate speed.

Since we were on the little-dog side (less mud for Lady and less walking for me), Lady sniffed the huskies through the fence, and I talked to their owner.

It was dark by the time we headed for home.

Jan. 14, 2015: More rain, and ice, so we walked a bit around Covington Park. Lady enjoyed it, but it was too cold for me.

Jan. 13, 2015: It rained again, so we went to Petsmart. Two young women were talking, and one said, "She's peeing!" She was, on a rug; didn't hurt anything. I couldn't find any furry or feathered animals in the cages (I did see a slithering snake), so we didn't stay long. Usually, Lady likes to watch the gerbils, hamsters and such (small, furry creatures).

Jan. 12, 2015: It rained, and it's supposed to rain tomorrow.

Jan. 11, 2015: We went to the dog park this morning (Sunday). There were a lot of folks on the big-dog side, so we went to the small-dog part of the park.

A man I recognized, John, brought his miniature schnauzer Daisy and his old basset hound Nike. Daisy ignored me as she ran around, but Nike came over to say hi, then laid down against my left foot. John looked over and said wryly, "It looks like Nike has found a new home." Nike did go home with him, though.

There were a lot of dogs I didn't recognize.

Lady was so quiet (laying down) that I started to leave the park. I took our stuff (including water and bowl) to the car. When I came back, Lady looked at me, went down into her playful stance, and started running around in circles. She must have done that for a half minute.

Not all was joyous, however. When I opened the rear door on the driver's side for Lady, she couldn't get all the way in. She fell back and landed on her butt (a sad sight). I took her around, and she got into the rear door on the passenger's side, her normal entrance door. It doesn't seem like she hurt herself.

Jan. 10, 2015: We just took a walk around the neighborhood today.

Jan. 9, 2015: We didn't go to the dog park today, so Lady and I walked around the neighborhood.

Jan. 8, 2015: The dog park was empty and cold today until just before we left. Don drove up with Mac and Mary, plus his son's dog (name unknown). His son's dog is black, and he was the noisiest dog in the park.

As we were leaving, a young woman drove up with her dog (or dogs).

I had to get out of there after about 45 minutes; I was freezing. The only good thing was that it wasn't windy.

Jan. 7, 2015: With the wind, it was bitter cold today at the dog park. There were two other people when we got there, but the young man soon left with his two pit bulls.

The young woman, with huskies Kira (not sure of spelling) and Kobe, stayed longer. Kobe tried hard to get Lady to play, but she respectfully declined. At least she didn't bite him. Kobe's still a puppy, maybe five months old. He tried to play with the big pit bull before the man left and took the pits with him.

We soon came home ourselves, and Lady has eaten lunch. Me, I'm warm ... mostly. I'm not sure about my toes.

Jan. 6, 2015: Today, we made our first trip of the year to the dog park. It was cold, and the park was empty when we got there at 4:30. Four people and four dogs soon went into the small-dog side, and the people constantly urged their dogs to run. I heard two names, Precious and Rocky.

Don showed up with Mac and Mary, and we heard the stereophonic huskies, Shasta and Nakia, before we saw them. I talked a few minutes to Don, who said he hasn't been to the park often lately.

Lady got petted a lot and had a great time, but I was getting miserable (cold), so we left around 5:30.

Jan. 3-5, 2015: It rained Saturday and Sunday, and I had to go to the foot doctor on Monday.

Jan. 2, 2015: We didn't go to the dog park today, either. We walked around the neighborhood, and Lady was excited when we saw a firetruck in front of a neighbor's house. There was another truck behind it, but there didn't appear to be a fire.

Jan. 1, 2015: Happy New Year, everybody!

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