Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A special dog named Lady

The other day, I was at the dog park and talking to Ron, who works for the county recreation department. Ron keeps up the dog park and Horizons Park across the street.

We noticed an older woman  — with obvious white hair — park beside my car. She and two young boys got out and sort of milled around outside the fence. They were talking about how big Lady was, and I was afraid I'd have to go so they could bring their dog in the small-dog lot.

Then they started walking along outside the fence, and it was obvious they didn't have a dog. The woman said as much and said she wanted to look at the dogs, maybe pet a few.

I told her she was welcome to do that. I added that she might go down to the local humane society; she could pet and walk dogs there. She said she'd never thought of that, and she thanked me. And they went on down the fence to see more dogs.

Before they left, she asked what kind of dog Lady is. When I said she's a mutt, the woman was surprised. "I thought she was a special dog," she said.

Well, she is. She just doesn't have a specific breed. (NOTE: We've since learned that Lady is one eighth boxer, one eighth chow, and 75 percent mutt.)

NOTE: Lady passed on Sept. 17, 2016.

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