Friday, January 11, 2013

Through the dog door

(NOTE: Scottie crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday, April 10, 2013.)

When I awoke today, I saw that the basement door was open and realized that our collie Scottie was in the basement. Scottie has hip problems and can't get back up the basement steps, so I went downstairs.

Scottie was stuck in the dog door, with his head and front legs outside. I managed to get him out, but he immediately collapsed in the doorway. It looked like he just wanted to stay there. Our other dog, Lady, came down to the basement and walked past him, and Scottie suddenly wanted to get up.

I helped him get up, then opened the door to the cage so they could get out in the yard. I went back upstairs and put on layers and a hat and went out and let Scottie into the front yard. I took him in the house, then called Lady back in through the dog door; she came charging up the basement steps a few moments later, and I closed the door to the basement.

So we're all warm and safe, and, now, Scottie's in his crate, and Lady's curled up in the corner.

P.S.: Scottie got stuck in the dog door again yesterday (Jan. 19). This time, he didn't collapse on the ground when I got him out. I just pulled him out of the hole, and he walked off.

P.S.: Yes, Scottie got stuck in the door again tonight (Jan. 23). He collapsed for a second after I pulled him through the dog door, but I got him right up.

The dog-in-the-door has become an almost daily occurrence.

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