Friday, September 7, 2012

OOH! OOH! The stereophonic huskies

There are two funny huskies at the local dog park.

Often, we'll be in the park, and we'll hear them yipping and yapping as they're coming up the road. The huskies will be sticking their heads out of either side of the vehicle, and they let us know they're coming until they stop at the gate. "

I always like to call Shasta and Nakia the stereophonic huskies. If I were in that SUV, it would be more like surround sound.

The funny thing is that the dogs don't bark much in the park. They just run excitedly, and, sometimes, they quietly come up to say hello to me.

And when their owners take them out the gate, they start barking again.

Yesterday around 6:30, we were leaving the dog park and were nearly a mile down the road toward home. We were approaching a vehicle, and I heard "OOH! OOH! OOH!"

Yep, that was the dueling huskies.

Today, we were at the dog park, and it sounded like a pile of dogs were yipping and oohing on the other side of the woods beside the park.

Then I realized it was the stereophonic huskies. They oohed all the way to the park, then quieted down and took off running.

Today (Dec. 27), we were at the dog park, and the stereophonic huskies weren't there. There were a couple of loud and frisky dogs, but I missed the huskies.

Nakia missed a lot of time at the park because of surgery to her hind legs. I'd see Shasta now and then, though. Then a few weeks ago, both dogs were there, and all seemed just fine at the dog park.

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