Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Growl and pull

Tonight, Lady and I went for a walk, and, on the way back, I noticed what looked like a gray-and-white kitten near the edge of Mrs. West's yard.

A second or two later, Lady noticed it, too. Suddenly, she growled — she has a deep voice — and tried to charge forward. Fortunately, I had anticipated her move, and I held the leash up so she'd just founder and halt.

I was distracted for a moment as I stopped her. When I looked back for the kitten, it was long gone.

Smart cat.

Lady does the growl and pull often enough, for a passing car, motorcycle or ATV. She'll do it for a weed whacker, a chainsaw, a lawnmower or tractor.

She does it mostly, though, for small, furry animals. She once saw a squirrel and exploded forward so violently that it dislocated my shoulder (fortunately, it went back in on its own). That taught me to keep my arm bent and to give her little slack.

And I try to pay attention to her. When she stops and looks at something, I quickly move the leash up or to the side, so her momentum is halted.

Otherwise, I might get pulled down.

That gray-and-white kitten was begging for food in daylight last week. I put out a plate of tuna and then rushed off to an appointment. My wife complained, but I can't let an animal starve. Strangely, it hasn't begged again.


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