Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We made it to the park, barely


Lady and I were lucky
to make it to the dog park today.

I was driving a narrow, two-lane backroad in the city today, and suddenly three or four vehicles came right at me. They looked like a cross between an ATV and a dune buggy, and my first thought was that they couldn't be street legal.

I braked before the next-to-last one got in the correct lane, but the last one was coming right at me. The driver was helmet less — a mistake in that vehicle and considering his driving. He drove out of a paved driveway, cut between the car in front of me and my van and barely made it into the other lane at the last second.

Lady, who won't let me strap her in, wound up with her front paws on the dashboard. She was shaken up, and she obviously wasn't happy at my hard braking maneuvers. She turned and gave me a hard look.

The worst thing is that I took that road for safety purposes. I figured it was safer than the main drag. Now I don't know which way to go.

But we survived the encounter, and she played at the dog park. And we got home with no more incidences.


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