Friday, September 26, 2014

An eagle above the dog park

Lady and I were on the small-dog side at the dog park one day, and I noticed a tiny dog (maybe a chihuahua) on the big-dog side.

Then I looked up and saw a bird of prey gently flying maybe 50 feet above the dog. At first, I thought it was a hawk, but then I realized the head was wrong. It was an eagle looking for lunch.

The eagle couldn't fly off with Lady (at least I hope not; it would be one heck of an eagle), but that chihuahua was the right size. I hollered to the owner, who paid no attention.

Fortunately, there were enough people around that the eagle never chanced a swoop. Everyone got away safely.

UPDATE: Several months later, my wife Holly and I saw an eagle floating over the dog park. She thought at first that it was a hawk, but she recognized a bird of prey.

Lady's a good-sized dog, and it sailed away.

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