Saturday, April 8, 2017

Cute puppy pictures (and videos)

If you're a fan of cute puppy pictures, check out Cute Puppies Now.

Those aren't the only cute puppies online, of course. I found an article titled 
50 Cute Puppies You’ll Have to See to Believe on the American Kennel Club website.

Here's a short video I found on YouTube. Here are more cute puppies on YouTube.

On Dogtime, I found 40 Adorably Cute Puppies., and I googled cute puppies and got this.

There are a ton of cute puppy photos and stories on Huffington Post.

I like to look at the dogs on Shiba Central. Some of the Shiba Inus look like our first dog, Lady. Lady and I are pictured at the top of this page.

I also found My Cute Puppy on Twitter, and I found THE SAMOYED DOG - EVERYTHING ABOUT THE BREED on YouTube.

Animal Planet has what it calls Absolutely Adorable Puppy Photos.

There are 65 cute puppy pictures on Zarias, plus 21 cute puppy pictures on Buzzfeed.

And, finally, I found still more cute puppies on List25.


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