Saturday, April 15, 2017

What Lady and Michael Jackson had in common


Lady's gone now, but I think of her often. Consider this:

A few years ago, I was watching my dog Lady do her pee dance. It's part of a dog's marking territory ritual, and Lady was a stylist. Most dogs do a few weak scratches; she was exceptional.

Sometimes Lady would do what I call her levitation pee dance. It was so violent that she actually had all four paws off the ground at a time, and you didn't want to be "downwind" of her. You'd be in the line of fire from rocks, gravel, dirt and grass when she hit the ground.

Once, we were at the dog park, and she was about to perform a pee dance. This little terrier was behind her, I guess to sniff her butt, and she did one of her powerful pee dances in which two legs work at a time and she "backed up." The little dog took grass and dirt in the face as Lady moonwalked.

It brought laughs from the terrier's owners, and Lady strutted away proudly. The terrier followed her, and, for a moment, I thought of Michael Jackson.

P.S.: I've recently seen two dogs, both females of the sled dog variety, who did powerful pee dances. They didn't have Lady's style points, but they were powerful.
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