Sunday, April 9, 2017

Dixie finally got playful

Dixie did something today that I'd never seen before; she tried to play with another dog.

We were at Covington Park, and a man was walking his black-and-white pooch through the grass. Dixie was whining and pulling, trying to get to the young and small dog.

The man veered toward us, and the dogs got nose to nose. Suddenly, Dixie dropped into a playful stance -- I saw that butt-in-the-air pose many times with our late mutt Lady -- and she started running back and forth, trying to get the other dog to play with her. It looked confused, and Dixie finally quit.

The man waved, and the dogs parted reluctantly.

But I was pleased; Dixie PLAYED!

(And I didn't have a camera handy. Sigh.)

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