Friday, September 14, 2012

Good evening, sir

I saw a young black man at the dog park this evening, and I mistook him for someone else.

He had long dreadlocks and wore a baseball cap and long shorts. I didn't know what to expect, but he said "Good evening, sir" when I walked by. He made sure that his two young children stayed close to him.

At least once, a dog knocked down one of his children, but he didn't panic or blame the dog's owner. He realized that people, even adults, get knocked down occasionally at the dog park.

Before he left with friends, family and dogs, he wondered what kind of dog I have. He said that Lady looks like a chow; I told him that Lady's a mutt.

But she's a sweet mutt. (We later did a DNA test; she's one-eighth boxer, one-eighth chow and 75 percent mutt; a mega-mutt.)

Lady's been pretty quiet lately, but she was unusually frisky today. She'd get down in playful stance. When I'd respond, she'd run circles around me.

For a few minutes, she seemed like a puppy again. If only...

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