Thursday, September 6, 2012

She's becoming a real Lady


My dog Lady was a little bully when she was young. She aggravated our collie Katie, and she thought she was the alpha in the house. She'd nip at me to let me know I wasn't doing what she wanted, and, naturally, she was always getting into trouble.

Once, she crushed my glass case and broke a pair of my prescription glasses. I guess she thought she owned my glasses.

But that's been nearly 10 years. Lady's 12 years old, and she's slowly growing into an elder stateswoman. At the dog park, she's gracious with humans and dogs alike.

A few years ago, our other dog, Buddy, was barking at me -- yes, at me, of all people -- and Lady turned to him and bit him on the side of the face. Nothing hard; she just wanted to let him know that he needed to cool it.

Once, the TV cable guy was standing with me on the deck, and the dogs were in the backyard. Buddy was going nuts, snarling and jumping up onto the side of the deck. Lady looked at him, took a couple of steps forward and slammed her front paws into him. That knocked him off the side of the deck. He started again, and she nailed him again. He didn't cool down, but he backed off a bit.

Later, we were at the dog park and a big, black dog was bullying a smaller dog. Lady took a few steps forward and used her front paws to bump him off the other dog. He backed off, and Lady trotted away, her mission accomplished.

The only negative is that Lady will occasionally try to break up hostilities and wind up fighting herself. But she tries.

People say that Lady is becoming more like me -- quiet, thoughtful, patient -- but I don't remember knocking loud jerks down with my front paws.

P.S.: Buddy's no longer with us. He died in October of 2011. And Lady will be 15 later this year.

P.P.S: Lady passed on Sept. 17, 2016.


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