Saturday, September 8, 2012

Not much of a leg to stand on

I'd been through this before. A few years ago, our collie Katie quit getting up, and she spent the last six months of her life lying down.

When she needed to go, my wife or I would put a towel under her hips, lift her and try to get her outside before she made a mess. Usually, we didn't make it. At dinnertime, we'd stick the bowl under her nose.

Finally, Katie got so weak that we had to put her down.

Two years ago, we got another old collie, Scottie, from Collie Rescue of the Carolinas, and he's recently had trouble getting up as well. The other day, Scottie tried for a good while to get up, his worst bout ever. I had a flashback to Katie, and I worried that we were going through that again.

I went in the bathroom, and when I got out Scottie was standing there looking at me. The relief was immense.

He had trouble today, too. I just got behind him, put my hand on his right hip and pushed to the left. He went erect, and I grabbed a handful of fur to push him forward. Off he went.

I'll probably do that again tomorrow, and I'll hope that he'll keep on walking.

P.S.: I had to pick Scottie up again Friday. But he's been up and at 'em since.

And it happened again on Saturday, Sept. 15. I had a terrible time getting Scottie up. I grabbed the fur on either side of his hips, lifted and got him walking. Then I took him outside so he could do his business.

Immense relief...

P.P.S.: Scottie had a terrible time getting up today. I had to try three times to help him before he got up, and he still staggered off down the hall. But I took him outside — I also went to get the trash barrel — and he walked fine. It's getting up that bothers him.

P.P.S: Scottie was put down today (April 10, 2013). He was too weak and wasn't getting better.

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