Monday, September 10, 2012

Saved by a nose at the dog park

You can tell when a dog's going to bite you.

A 70-pound dog — I didn't notice what kind — was stalking me one day at the dog park. Maybe it didn't like my cane. Maybe it was my scent. Its tail was down, and it had the body language of a dog about to bite me.

Suddenly, my 12-year-old dog Lady came in the picture. She calmly and gently (but firmly) stuck her nose in front of the bigger dog's shoulder, and she walked him into the fence. She didn't do anything to surprise or hurt the dog, and it didn't react to her at all.

It just stood there, still looking at me. Thankfully, it left me alone after that. And my dog went about her business.

Thanks, Lady.

(NOTE: Lady, who is lying near my left foot, is nearly 15 now.)

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