Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sometimes Lady can be a little hardhead


Lady's getting hardheaded again. Each night, I get up around 3 or 3:30 and take our collie Scottie outside. If Lady, our 12-year-old and pretty mutt, is nearby, she'll wait and watch me.

But she won't join us. She'll wait until we come back, then come forward. She wants her own walk, rather than going out with Scottie and me.

I wonder what to do. I've taken her out on her "own" walk, but more often I haven't. I want her to go out when Scottie and I go out.

I can be hardheaded, too.

P.S.: She tried to get her own walk (but didn't) this morning (Monday) around 7:30, but around noon she went out with Scottie and me. Now, she's taking a nap.

P.S.S.: Tonight (Sept. 19) she heard me taking Scottie outside, and she hurried to the door. Couldn't wait.

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