Monday, September 10, 2012

The big race at the dog park

At the local dog park one day, there was a Boston terrier on the little-dog side and a greyhound on my side of the fence.

They took off running from my right to left, and the greyhound quickly pulled away, naturally. The Boston plowed into the fence that surrounded the little-dog side, and the greyhound, already heading down the hill, realized the race had been interrupted.

Both dogs turned around and took off running. The greyhound quickly caught and passed the smaller dog, and, fortunately, both dogs stopped before hitting the fence in front of the parking lot.

Funny, but I didn't look to see if they kept running in that unequal but obviously fun race.

It's odd, but I think that's the only greyhound I've seen actually race another dog at the dog park.

Update: Later, I did see another greyhound run. A dog was being a little bit of a bully, giving other dogs a hard time. A greyhound started doing the same thing to that dog, and the other dog did everything it could to get away.

Every time that dog ran in a new direction, the greyhound would turn and sprint to its side and begin again. After several minutes, that dog just lay down, totally exhausted. The greyhound trotted off, triumphant.

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